brand story

At OpenTable, we love what happens around the restaurant table. We exist to power great dining experiences worldwide. We do so by connecting restaurants, people and communities around the table, enabling them to share some of life’s most enriching moments.

Our brand is based on a simple thought: The table is just the start… It’s the start of a new idea, renewed friendship, healthy debate, a cuisine first tasted, a great night out or the year ahead. There are so many universal, shared experiences that we create, capture and celebrate. And they all begin around the restaurant table.

The OpenTable Experience

Some of life’s most memorable and invaluable experiences happen around the restaurant table—reconnecting with an old friend, gathering the family, sampling a new cuisine or relishing an old favorite. Whether discovering a place for the first time or returning to your neighborhood spot, the table is where an extraordinary meal is shared, an enriching conversation is had, and where life can take a new and unexpected turn.

Brand Identity

A brand is more than words and a logo. It’s a philosophical approach to how a company expresses itself and the story it tells.

Brands who understand themselves completely have better overall communication. That’s why we don’t try to be all things to everyone. Rather, we focus on being ourselves, true to our core purpose and what makes us unique in the world. A consistent voice and tone, combined with visuals that express our brand story, help us to express this through a cohesive, recognizable brand personality.

Brand Purpose

OpenTable connects diners, restaurants and their communities around the restaurant table through technology that fuels an extraordinary experience, each and every meal you share.

Brand Attributes

The following brand pillars help create a cohesive identity and brand foundation that represents who we are and how we behave in the world in an authentic and engaging way.

Warm & Welcoming

Everyone appreciates being recognized as an individual. From the first point of contact, we make our audience feel welcome, unique, and part of the family.

Inspired & Reliable

We empower restaurants with technology that helps them run their business, and we give diners the tools to discover, book, and pay. Why? Because we love what happens around the restaurant table. Inspired by what’s next for restaurants and diners, we put ourselves in their seats and always say what we mean and mean what we say.

Fresh & Current

Like the best host or wait staff, we’re always one step ahead of the moment. Grounded in a unified sense of who we are, we anticipate the changing needs of diners and restaurants.


We're encouraging, excited and animated, talking with you, not at you; never flat, boring or telling you how to feel.