We are obsessed with restaurants and the passion that drives them. They are at the heart of the communities we inhabit: bringing people together over food and drink is essential to our culture.

But running them? That’s tough stuff. So, we are their partner—giving them tools and insights to run smart and efficient businesses with operations and marketing on lock. Because, for all of us, it’s about hospitality.

Welcome in.

Core Value Propositions

With over 20 years of helping restaurants thrive we are the leading reservation platform and our Core Value Proportions represent the most important offerings we provide our restaurants—the ones we need to focus on communicating to them every chance we get.

OpenTable is a marketing engine to help you fill your seats. At shoulder times or all the time, we make it easy for you to reach more diners when you need them.

Know your guests so you can better serve their needs. With profiles and guest notes , GuestCenter helps you provide hospitality that brings your guests back, again and again.

If you’re not running like clockwork, your guests and staff will feel it, and so will your bottom line. We put you in control of a smoother running, faster turning house.

Brand Identity

A brand is more than words and a logo. It’s a philosophical approach to how a company expresses itself and the story it tells.

Brands who understand themselves completely have better overall communication. That’s why we don’t try to be all things to everyone. Rather, we focus on being ourselves, true to our core purpose and what makes us unique in the world. A consistent voice and tone, combined with visuals that express our brand story, help us to express this through a cohesive, recognizable brand personality.

Our mission

Our brand is what helps us achieve our business objectives. It’s the north star for anything we do. We use it to set our goals and make sure our executions are aligned across the entire organization.

Visual Principles

The following brand pillars help create a cohesive identity and brand foundation that represents who we are and how we behave in the world in an authentic and engaging way.


We’re inviting and inclusive, always have been and always will be. From fine dining to casual eating, we portray every type of restaurant there is. This acceptance needs to extend to our visual presence, with the use of round shapes and all the diverse people who dine out and work in the restaurant industry.


Everything we do is to help restaurants, so it’s important our visuals come off as authentic. Visuals need to capture real moments within restaurants and show them we’re in-the-know when it comes to happenings that occur in this industry.


Dining out is delicious and our visuals should be too. Every visual aspect should be mouth-watering, leaving you wanting for more. Our visuals—from illustration and photography, to color and pattern—are all inspired by delicious food.