Our brand is based on the circle. That is reflected, not only in our logo and illustrations, but also in our icons.

One key message

Our icons focus on one subject, rather than multiple major items coming together to build out a concept.


This is the active perspective of a diner who is eating a meal. We only compromise on this when adding perspective to an icon creates a level of complexity which compromises comprehension.

General icons

Our icons each have a charming, delightful personality. Through perspective, dimensionality, and subject matter our icons are active and magical.

Exclusive use cases

Exclusive icons represents a single product or feature (eg. GuestCenter or Specials). Most icons are labeled for general use and can represent a variety of ideas.

Cuisine icons

Product icons

There's an important distinction between our the treatment of our marketing-forward icons and in-product ones. Marketing icons appear at slightly larger sizes and have a further level or detail, while our in-product utility icons are displayed only at small sizes.

The intended use of our icon set is to provide users with clarity within our product experiences. The set of utility icons are intended to represent and substitute redundant information at a glance.