Our icons simplify complex ideas into visual content. Our icon set quickly illustrates ideas, product features, or concepts to help to help the user process information more efficiently. We use a consistent style when creating new icons.



Our icons strive to achieve contextual meaning with as much simplicity as possible. We avoid overloading the icon with lots of detail or effects.


Icons are based on simple geometric shapes.
We use a consistent approach with single strokes to communicate the idea.

Pixel Perfect

Our icons should be aligned to the pixel grid to allow for crisp detail at small sizes. We make sure icons are scaleable down to 16px to work well for user interface purposes.

There's an important distinction between our the treatment of our marketing-forward icons and in-product ones. Marketing icons appear at slightly larger sizes and have a further level or detail, while our in-product utility icons are displayed only at small sizes.

The intended use of our icon set is to provide users with clarity within our product experiences. The set of utility icons are intended to represent and substitute redundant information at a glance.