Our illustrations help evoke emotions and communicate complex insights and product offerings in universal ways.

We use illustrations for moments of delight to break up visual fatigue within the product or for local, premium events. We’ve developed a house style that flexes across both sides of our business.

Our illustration style can flex as long as it follows our core components and systems mind-set, and ties back to our brand personality.



Based on our diner & restaurant segmentation types & represent an authentic moment of interaction within the OpenTable user journey.


Stem from our icons or product with a more expressive lens, creating consistency within the experience


Communicate a sense of delight— linking back to our visual principles & ringing true to the joy found in dining.

Holding Shape

Organic shapes for hero illustration, circles for the spot illustrations—these speak to the openness of our brand.

Color Palette

Intentional and limited use of
1–4 colors from our brand palette.

Our illustration style is defined by five main components. Each of them is critical in making sure our illustrations have everything they need to represent our brand at its best and be cohesive across application.


When creating illustrations, we like to think about the full spectrum of places for the illustration to live– from the small, legibility-focused icon, all the way to the large-scale hero scene. We use similar colors and accents to keep a coherent feel across the different sizes.

Use Cases


Illustration can be used to create a break from the sea of photos on our product experience.

Product Marketing

Illustration helps simply complex product offerings into memorable moments.

Holiday Campaigns

We want our evergreen holiday work to be unique and inclusive to all the people that celebrate them.