Illustrations lend color and depth to our brand. Illustrations are comprised of a limited number of elements.


Choice and selection

Our illustration plays on the idea of choice and selection. We feature certain cuisines and occasions celebratory in nature. We love showing off our unique brand through the eyes of the diner.

No fuss

Our illustration style is simple and straightforward. We should be deliberate in our execution and contextual meaning.


Storytelling, contextual meaning and narrative give our illustrations more impact. The content and style should be developed in relation to the larger experience and be food and restaurant focused.

Illustration, like color, should be used intentionally and sparingly. We have defined situations for when illustration lends emotional depth and surprise to our experiences.

Use Cases

Local Events

Illustrations can be used to create more impactful and meaningful in-person experiences. Oftentimes the style will be influenced by the event theme, local culture or co-branded elements.

Holiday Campaigns

We reach out to local illustrators to develop a specific visual style for holiday campaigns. We want our work to be unique and memorable and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to showcase our range.

Social Media Campaigns

Illustration can be used to create a break from the sea of photos on social media. These types of campaigns can be playful depending on the audience.