Our typography is a visual expression of our voice. Our typefaces build a level of visual texture that adds warmth and depth to our words, helping content come alive in a way that is warm and welcoming, reliable, and fresh.

Brandon Text

Character Set

We utilize Brandon Text as a headline, subhead and body. It should always be written in title case. Numerals are always shown in Tabular form.


Brandon Text is available in three weights: Regular, Medium and Bold.

The whole Brandon family is equipped for complex, professional typography with different sets of numbers, alternate letters, fractions and an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European Languages.

Source Sans Pro

Character Set

We utilize Source Sans Pro as a backup typeface if Brandon Text is unavailable.

Source Sans Pro is a sans serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces. Sans Pro draws inspiration from the clarity and legibility of twentieth-century American gothic typeface designs. Source Sans Pro currently supports a wide range of languages using Latin script.



Brandon Text


Brandon Text Bold


Brandon Text Regular

Our headline face for most Marketing and Diner-facing material is Brandon Text, which retains the feel of reliability and trustworthiness from a serif face, but small details like rounded terminals and a high x-height lend a soft, legible, and friendly visual voice. Source Sans Pro is used in nearly all other applications. If Brandon Text is not available, Source Sans Pro Regular may be used for headlines. In subheads, Source Sans Pro it should be set in ALL CAPS Bold. In body copy, it should be set in Regular or Light.



Source Han Sans Bold


Source Han Sans Regular

Source Han Sans is used for our Japanese markets. We strive to achieve consistency across our domestic and international marketing efforts and collateral, and the Japanese variant of Source Sans works best for both headlines, subheads and body copy.