Voice & Tone


Brand voice is our personality. It’s the words, phrases, and characteristics unique to our brand that set us apart. Brand tone is how we communicate who we are. It’s what happens when we turn our brand personality and point of view towards a specific target audience.

Voice Principles

In case we haven’t said it enough, we’ll say it again: communicating with restaurants requires us to quickly catch their attention.

That’s why it’s so important to have a well-defined voice—one that stays the same no matter where people are experiencing it. Voice is the closest thing to our personality and it’s meant to give our restaurants an insight into who we are and what they should expect from us.

Supporting Characteristics: Welcoming, In-the-know, Frank


From our people to our products, we channel the spirit of hospitality. We’re always open and ready to show restaurants we are here to
serve them.


Like a friend who’s worked in restaurants all of her life, we know what’s up in the industry. Call it savvy or experience, we tell it like it is, always leading with what’s in it for the restaurant.


Plainspoken and clear, we get to the point on the quick and keep it upbeat and candid, when appropriate.

Tone Principles

Tone is what allows our voice to stay relevant in any context or region.

The characteristics we’ve outlined are meant to express the intention of our tone and give an indication of the flexibility it offers.

Supporting Characteristics: Warm and helpful, Lighten up, We speak restaurant

Warm and helpful

Just as restaurants are for their guests, we make it a point to greet, cheer, and keep any suggestions super relevant.

Lighten up

We’re not all business all the time—this is food, after all: we are casual and quirky, we entertain, and keep them coming back for more.

We speak restaurant

We make it a point to know the lingo—your kitchen is our kitchen.