Our brand identity is compelling, easy to recognise, efficient to use, and flexible across both applications and localised content in a globally consistent way.

We make it easier for everyone to experience the world through dining.

Stepping into a restaurant. The greeting. The anticipation.

Feeling the buzz of a dining room. The energy. The connection.

Digging into a great meal as part of the crowd or in the comfort of home. The satisfaction. The joy.

That’s hospitality.

Restaurants deliver that magic to each and every table, every shift, day and night. And those moments—when the teams who create them meet the diners who live for them—are our inspiration.

Welcome in.

OpenTable is the place where people and restaurants come together.


We are fanatical about doing right by our customers. Whoever they are, wherever they are. Everyone has a place at our table.

Passionate for experience

Like the restaurants we love, we hustle, create, repeat—and love every minute. We’re constantly chasing the buzz of a great guest experience.

Always evolving experts

We’re leaders in the industry, but we’d never dream of resting on our laurels. Knowing more, doing better—that’s who we are.

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