The OpenTable logo includes the mark and the wordmark. These elements have been exactly positioned and proportionally fine tuned.

The mark is the graphic element of two circles, to the left of the wordmark.
The wordmark is a custom designed typographic treatment of the OpenTable name.


Sizing of Logomark

Small circle is 25% of the larger circle.

Sizing of Logotype

The counter of the large circle and the counter of the O in the type are equal, with a counter’s space between the two.

The OpenTable logo includes the symbol and the logotype, a custom designed typographic treatment of the OpenTable name. In our logo, these two elements are exactly positioned and proportionally fine tuned. Never use “OpenTable” without the symbol. In anticipation of the full scope of applications for the logo, we’ve provided two configurations — vertical and horizontal. Approved logo artwork is available via e-mail request from brand@opentable.com.


Horizontal Lockup

Our horizontal, primary orientation should be used most often, as it is the most recognizable and legible orientation of them all.

Vertical Lockup

The vertical orientation should be used only for
small and vertical applications where the primary orientation becomes illegible.

Mark Only

Restricted use, only when brand recognition is very strong or when spaces don’t allow for full logo (ie. app tile).

*Brand Studio must approve use


Full Color Applications

Preferred treatment

Single Color Applications

Preferred treatment

Our full color logo consists of a red mark and a black wordmark. It is only used on white backgrounds.

On instances where our logo appears on a colored background or a photo, we use an all white version of our logo. Our logo should only be placed on backgrounds where the white logo is fully legible.

Clear Space

Clear space

Primary logo

Clear space

Alternate lockups

Our logo should be used only once on a given application and should respect the clear space outlined here.

All margins are equal to one half of the large circle in our mark, we call this OpenTable unit. These margins must be maintained between the logo and the edge of the artboard or any other graphic element.

Minimum Sizing



To maintain clarity and legibility, the horizontal logo must be equal or greater than 1.25” wide in printed applications, and 150px wide in digital applications.

Approved Sections of the Mark

For expressive instances, where strong brand recognition is already established, we can use these approved crops of our mark. The crops leave half of the mark in tact, so that your eye continues the path and maintains recognition of the mark.

Expressive Instances

In places where our customers are very familiar with OpenTable and for occasions that require us to be more expressive, we can use our logo as a holding shape to convey a strong intention. However, we never alter the logo form.

Examples include: rainbow fill to celebrate Pride, food inspiration to decorate the office, circle-based pattern to create a look and feel for a special event.

*Brand Studio must approval all expressive instances

Do's and Don'ts



It’s important that we maintain a consistent approach in showcasing our logo. Consistency is the key to building brand equity. In addition to the essentials we’ve covered in the previous pages, here are a few other examples to help you use the OpenTable logo correctly every time. Please make sure to avoid these ‘don’ts’. If in doubt, contact the brand team at brand@opentable.com.